Brianna post-run on the North Shore of Oahu

Brianna is the author of the award-winning book We Are Girls Who Love to Run/Somos Chicas y A Nosotras Nos Encanta Correr, a bilingual inspirational book about running. She’s also the wife of a fellow-runner, the stay-at-home mother of two busy children and the caretaker of one loving pup who looks forward to running when he’s done growing. You’ll read about them all regularly here. And no, she doesn’t usually run in Hawaii. This was a one time chance when her family was there to celebrate Brianna and her husband’s 10th Anniversary. If given a chance to run there again, she’ll do it in a heartbeat.

And as readers are bound to discover, she’s also a BodyHoops instructor. That’s right, a hoop dancer. Her new challenge is to balance life as a girl who loves to run AND hoop, because both are awesome and now that she’s discovered the hoop, she can’t imagine her life without either. You can find her running and hooping with her family in Duvall, WA.