A friend of mine just started blogging about her parenting adventure at “Can we hug it out?” and asked me to take a look at it. I did (and it is GREAT!), but when I went to leave a comment and sign-in using my WordPress account I realized that I haven’t written since March. March. 7 months ago. Almost the amount of time it takes to grow a baby. Geez.

So here I am, starting this week with a thankful heart, something I kicked-off a few years ago when blogging was a regular part of my life. Now that both kids are in school full-time, I hope to blog more regularly. As yesterday was a holiday (and my mom’s Birthday!), today does start my week, even though it is a Tuesday.

Today I am thankful for:

– my mother-in-law’s visit from Pennsylvania this past weekend.

– the energy I put into mopping all of the floors in my house, even though I really just wanted to go back to bed after everyone left the house this morning.

– the power of friends and their positive influences on our lives (Yes, Casey, I mean you).

– the joy of Hoop Dance that I reconnected with this weekend as I became a Level 3 Instructor for BodyHoops. This means I will lead Teacher Training workshops for the Level 1 and FitKids curriculums starting in 2012!

Here I am with one of my first hoops (Oct 2009), totally unaware of my hooping future!

– the 28 children who are running in the program I started at our community YMCA – Foot Patrol. Every Tuesday and/or Thursday, these amazing kids show up for an hour of warm-ups/games/distance training/and healthy living discussions. They are tracking their physical activity on a running log and celebrating it as a group. This is the second season for Foot Patrol and I have to say that as great as the spring session was (I directed and coached that FOUR days/week – one strong possibility why I stepped away from the blog for so long), this session is going even better as I worked out some of the kinks. What an experience!

– the companionship of our pup, Porter, as he follows me around the house while the kids are at school and the husband is at work. This guy is definitely mine, though he is happy to have anyone else (and everyone else) pet him and give him loves. Come to think of it, this big lug is another big reason blogging went to the wayside. We said a tearful good-bye to our beloved Albus around that time and then welcomed Porter Puppy into the family a handful of weeks later. Things HAVE been busy. But good busy.

Porter Puppy (at 6 months)

Before I sat down to write today, the drizzly weather and post-weekend blues were hitting me hard. By taking a good look at the positive things happening in my life right now, I’m ready to stop watching the rain fall as if it is a bad thing.  True, we’ll be running indoors for Foot Patrol today, but the upside of that is the space is all reserved and ready for us!

How about YOU? What are you thankful for today?