I’ve been away from the blog world, but this time my absence was not due to sick children!
1. Since deciding to do a Half, I really have been running more. My training plan isn’t set yet, but a few gals (from our newly-formed Saturday morning running group!) and I have our sights on the Portland Half in August . . . or maybe Seattle in November.
2. I’ve been putting our YMCA membership to better use and even have our daughter taking a Toddler Sports class (fits perfectly between my run & shower and the time we have to leave to get Mr. Music from preschool – full morning, but awesome!).
3. We took a trip to Yosemite National Park – AMAZING (that’s me running through the valley, because I could).
4. We Are Girls Who Love to Run finally has a Facebook page – become a fan – REALLY!!
5. I’ve joined the world of Twitter (@writingrunner), though I’m still tinkering with it to figure out what it is all about.
6. Though I’ve been home since Monday night, my brain is still stuck in Yosemite. My only running was once through a meadow with my son (seen above), but you can surely see why I’ve had a hard time getting back to “real life” once you take a look at these photos (we took nearly 250 in the 3 days we were there . . . and that was just OUR camera – my brother-in-law’s fam took just as many with theirs!).
7. Be sure you take the time this weekend to thank a Service Member (former/current and/or their family members) for their dedication to our country and our freedom.
And now I leave you with images from the amazing national treasure that is Yosemite National Park (yes, we took these ourselves!!!):