Despite some frustrating events (like locking my keys in the car!), this has been a very good week on the homefront. So good, in fact, that I’m wound up and ready to go FINISH my daughter’s birthday quilt – one more row to quilt and then the binding goes on. Since this project has been going for, oh, something like 6 months now, I’m getting really anxious to get it done.

Tomorrow we’re off to the YMCA to give the childwatch another try while I do the treadmill thing. If it goes well, I’ll feel secure in trying a class out next week! My goal is to attend at least one class/week to add some flavor to my usual running and balance ball workouts. I’m getting excited that next week might be the week I start. Keep your fingers and laces crossed that Little Sister continues to do well with childwatch . . . that’s the key piece to making it all happen.

Happy running/balancing/reading, everyone! I’m off to sew . . . happily!